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Fortelock Industry PVC Flooring – Quality Industrial Floors

Fortelock Industry PVC Tiles – Ideal solution for Warehouses

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Introducing Fortelock Industry

Fortelock Industry is mainly used in production and warehouse premises. The Fortelock tiles are ideal for all kind of facilities in the industrial domain like mechanical engineering, pharmacies, or in warehouses and dispatches, because all those places require placing an emphasis on functional properties, such as resistance, durability and stability. The Fortelock Industry flooring is a series for the heaviest load. It is made from highly resistant homogenous 100% PVC material in the thickness of 7mm. The production of Fortelock Industry is provided using state-of-the-art technologies on energy-saving injection moulding presses. This creates a highly resistant flooring material designed for heavy and repeated loads, also with excellent chemical resistance. The Fortelock floor is designed to create floor finish with a high operating load that requires off-standard resistance in abrasion, resistance to impacts and fluid absorption (oil, solvents, and so on).

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Which businesses is Fortelock Industry suitable for?

Fortelock Industry PVC Tiles in use

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Printing industry

Why choose Fortelock Industry Flooring System?

  • High mechanical resistance to wear

  • Excellent chemical resistance thanks to the nonporous surface

  • 100% repairable and renewable

  • Easy surface maintenance and cleaning

  • Resistance of the floor to fork-lift trucks

  • Excellent dimension stability

  • Minimisation of foundation preparation = time saving: by 55% faster than when product is glued

  • No glue is required = lower costs and installation time saving

  • Restoration with minimal disruptions of operation – no need to stop production for days, only for several hours

  • Highly resistant lock system

Fortelock Industry vs. Other Floor Types

Comparison of methods of floors repair

Comparison of Parameters of Various Floor Types

Look at the chart that clearly compares the end-use properties of the Fortelock Industry flooring with other types of floors. Make your own opinion of the suitability of some materials for the planned areas. Do you have any questions? Contact us.

Test: BCA Method Abrasion Test

The floors installed in every facility correspond to the specific requirements of the environment. One of the requirements is the resistance of the surface of the floor loaded during regular operation. In order to simulate this phenomenon, we used the BCA method that lets us mimic the long-term process of operation in an accelerated manner.

The machine was assembled precisely according to CSN EN 13892-4. The static part of the machine leans against the tested surface and creates a slide-way for the shaft of the dynamic part. Thanks to the dynamic part of the machine, which includes steel wheels, regular operation is presented. The three abrasive wheels describe a circle and their effect grinds a track. The depth of the track is inversely proportional to the surface resistance after a specific number of revolutions.

The value implies that the PVC Fortelock tiling is a highly resistant flooring material.

The greatest advantage of the BCA method lies in the measuring of a real floor and the possibility to directly assess the quality of the workmanship.

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Colors and Patterns of Fortelock Industry

The Fortelock Industry flooring is available in many colours and patterns. Thanks to the universal lock, you can mix any colours and create work zones, passages, areas etc. The floor patterns are specifically designed not only to put the finishing touch to the surroundings, but also to improve the parameters of the floor, e.g. with regard to slip resistance.

The Fortelock system can be applied to new and old foundations of various quality. The floor installation does not require any gluing to the original surface. The bottom part of the tile includes a system of drain channels that ventilate the floor and thus prevent the occurrence of moulds and decay under the floor and the surrounding walls.

The fixed locks provide for a smooth and safe passage of fork-lift trucks.


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Product type Tile Entryway trim and corner in one


Dimensions 510x510x7 mm 510x140x7 mm
Weight 2,2 kg 0,5 kg
More details about Fortelock Industry

Easy installation

  • Speed and simplicity of the installation
  • Independent of the substrate
  • Installation on a flexible substrate

High-quality and durable material

  • Very resilient interlocking system
  • Resistance to the effects of rolling chairs
  • Sound, heat and vibration insulation – ideal for working environments where greater concentration is required
  • Long-term durability and stability – warranty for up to 12 years
  • Air Flow system against humidity – no mold on the floor or walls
  • Resistant to the spread of water and coffee stains, for easy maintenance


Specify your space

  • Wide selection of patterns and colors
  • Combinable designs
  • Create corridors, signs, paths

Save yourself costs

  • No gluing – you save on time and costs by up to 10%
  • Minimum need to repair the original surface – time savings of up to 20%
  • You need not renovate the entire floor; it’s enough just selected pieces
  • The floor is immediately available – no loss of business
  • Economically beneficial for divided areas

ECO logical

  • No heavy metals
  • Eco-friendly product
  • 100% recyclable
  • No wax, no polishes

Technical parameters

Use for the product Garages, workshops, stores
Material 100 % vinyl
Dimensions 510x510x7mm
Weight 2,2 kg
Hardness 92 Shore A
Resistance to chemicals Good
Total thickness 7-8 mm
Thickness of the surface layer 7-8 mm
Abrasion resistance T (<Deformation after static loading;<0.1mm
Dimensional stability <=0,20%
Color fastness in artificial light >5 (no damage)
Reaction to fire difficult to ignite
Anti-slip feature up to 0.75 dynamic coefficient of friction
Standard colors (others on request) black, gray, green, yellow, blue, red
Warranty for wear and tear up to 12 years
Meters in packaging 2.5 m2
Package size 10 tiles
Tile size 510×510 mm
Height of the tile 7-8 mm

Installation of Fortelock Industry PVC Tiles

  • Before laying, let the tiles acclimate for 24 hours, level and sweep the floor.

  • Draw lines using chalk in the transverse and longitudinal direction of the room. It is essential that the tiles are kept in mutually orthogonal position.

  • Distribute the tiles and tap with a rubber hammer. Start the installation from the entrance and continue further to the room.

  • Cut and fit the tiles.

  • Leave gaps of at least 5 mm at the walls.

  • Done. Your Fortelock Industry Flooring system is ready for use.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an increased risk of fire?

Thanks to Fortelock floor components, which themselves inhibit fire, this flooring is according to independent tests included in dif¬ficult-to-ignite category.

Isn’t the floor too slippery?

Quite the contrary. Fortelock floor designs have highly anti-slip properties.

Is the Fortelock floor able to withstand oils and other chemicals?

Certain ones. Polymeric structure of the Fortelock flooring is resist¬ant to most oils and acids.

What kind of care does this floor require?

Standard floor does not require more than water, detergent and mop. If it is necessary to increase the gloss of the floor or clean extreme dirt, we recommend Dr.Schutz product portfolio.

Can I use the floor outdoors?

It is not recommended, but it is possible if the user considers pos¬sible changes in colour and volume of the tiles.

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